Client Comments

"Kathleen has helped me through the ups and downs of my life, providing guidance and assistance in every situation. From connecting me with loved ones who have passed on to diagnosing illness in people and pets, she does it all. She even identified a home in another state, not yet on the market, that I would eventually own and now I do. And she has a wonderful sense of humor, making the conversation that much more enjoyable."



"Kathleen Schneider has amazing gifts far beyond anyone I have known. I have gone to Kathleen regularly for two decades. She has guided me through spiritual growth on many life issues. I have always found her to be professional, confidential, gentle and respectful. Kathleen uses all her spiritual understanding and psychic gifts in every session and her messages have been true for my life. I have been deeply enriched by the messages from Spirit that Kathleen has communicated."

-Grateful to Spirit-


"Kathleen is a truly gifted individual. Her communication with Guides has brought me both comfort and hope. I feel truly blessed to know her and receive her messages from the other side. A conversation with Kathleen is always so uplifting and hopeful that I go into each day with a renewed sense of purpose."



"Because Kathleen loves her life's work, we who receive readings from her are enabled to also love our own life's work. And with her encouragement, we can then see how our liveslove us back. With her strong spiritual faith, she guides me away from useless over-thinking. Ever since my first session with Kathleen in 2004, she always fosters my ability to figure out the meaningfulness of her channeling. This boosts my self-confidence in dealing with life. Kathleen's love, caring nature, and sense of humor are limitless and unconditional. I continue to feel the deepest appreciation for her and her abilities to include us all and keep us connected to Spirit."



"I have known Kathleen for over 16 years and have relied upon her for clear and specific guidance. She has never let me down. Her insight, caring, sincerity, and integrity makes her one very unique and special spiritual medium! She truly does have a gift and she uses it to help others in remarkable ways. Kathleen’s guidance has saved me from making financial mistakes, helped with relationship issues, personal issues, and so much more. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for her kind assistance over the years. Her advice and clairvoyance has been remarkably helpful and accurate, I discovered, because so many things came into being, even when I was doubtful. I highly recommend that you schedule with her! She is worth it, and you are too!"



"I have known Kathleen a long time and I know people from different walks of life who I was surprised to find out that have also used her unique and valuable services multiple time. Regular visits by many people attest to the fact that she is authentic and provides a great service. She is the type who you have a doubter go to, to inevitably be converted to the belief that, yes, psychics are real and they actually can breach our normal familiar world in ways that some may doubt at first or not understand. There are some critical issues or moments in life, or there is some intensely desired information that only an authentic psychic like Kathleen can access and provide to you. Having this access to otherwise unattainable information has been extremely satisfying and invaluable to me. On top of all this, Kathleen is a nice, kind person and always completely professional in her sessions."



"Kathleen is a genuine psychic medium. Her unique connection with the Spirit World allows her to channel events in our lives and the challenges we encounter. Her predictions are extremely accurate. They give you clarity and knowledge about any issues. I have known and used Kathleen's spiritual gifts and channeled services for 25 years. The session topics have included relationships, family conflicts, job challenges, travelling on spiritual trips and starting new businesses. Her guidance has always given me clarity and fruitful directions to pursue. With one phone session set of questions I sent in advance, I firmly stated I did not want to talk about men. I had ended a long marriage and I was not doing that again! With five minutes left in the session, Spirit delivered a message through Kathleen who said I would meet a tall, dark handsome man and that he would be unlike any man I had ever met. He would be 'the one.' She told me the weekend I would meet him as I continued my objections. I disbelieved until events unfolded at the described weekend where I did indeed meet my Soul Mate! I then remembered the session and everything occurred as she stated. My Soul Mate-husband and I have been married since 1991. Kathleen is a true channel of the Spirit Realm."



"I have known Kathleen both as a friend and psychic counselor for many years. I have always found her readings to be compassionate, insightful and thought-provoking. I would highly recommend her to anyone."



"I have known Kathleen since grade school. My mother was a client of Kathleen's in the 70's. As I have aged, I have continued to have Kathleen do readings for me. Kathleen has assisted me with some of my most difficult times in my life. Her gift has been my blessing! I have recommended many of my friends to Kathleen over the years who also have had enlightening, insightful and helpful readings. I can honestly say I rely on Kathleen-- her skills and gifts are excellent tools for me and have guided me for more than 20 years."



"I find it challenging to come up with enough fitting words to describe my initial meeting with Kathleen. She immediately spawned such trust and comfort in me that I relaxed into a state of quiet reassurance. I was a bit startled by just how quickly she was able to key in on my problematic issues, as well as supplying “surprise” details about elements in my life that had never been addressed before. Within the first five minutes she offered observations that immediately prompted my thinking: “Oh, that explains it.” I had sought her assistance in coping with the recent, unexpected death of a close friend. I’d been struggling for weeks with questions, concerns, overwhelming grief, and general confusion. Kathleen’s compassionate understanding and spot on remarks were both perceptive and comforting in the extreme. Her kind and forthright manner are ideally suited to her mission. By the time our session ended my mind, heart and spirit had achieved a state of peace and calm that I’ve rarely experienced in my life. After months of restless and unrestorative sleep, the night following my session with Kathleen was truly blessed—sleep came quickly, with no nightmares, no sleepwalking. I awoke refreshed and at peace. With no hesitation whatsoever I’m happy to recommend Kathleen’s services. I very much look forward to seeing her again, to once more expanding my thoughts and understanding my feelings as I cope with what is far too often a difficult world."



Kathleen is a warm, welcoming. vibrant, and understanding soul with beautiful gifts. Upon meeting her, it's as if she's been a lifelong friend and trusted confidant. In her presence you feel known, heard, and supported unconditionally. She leaves you feeling both completely gratified and yearning for more! Her gentle and genuine approach to her mediumship, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities will inspire awe and wonderment, and make you believe in the mysterious, yet familiar magic of our universe.




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