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Each individual possesses the capacity to perceive things outside the normal range of natural senses. A psychic or medium is highly attuned to these senses. A session with a qualified psychic may provide clarity to individuals seeking intuitive guidance about particular situations, events and emotions.

I was born with the gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear sensing). I have been a practicing psychic medium since 1979. I believe my gifts and abilities come from and are guided by a strong spiritual foundation.

As a clairvoyant who “sees” into the past-present-future, I communicate with the Universal Guides (clairaudience) to provide clients with insight into their questions and concerns. The clairsentient (clear sensing) responses I receive in a session are the feelings and sensations I perceive regarding the questions or concerns of the client.

I am a psychic medium and communicate for those who have passed from the earth plane and speak their messages to my clients. I can do past life readings (not regressions) and I am an animal psychic. I also am a self-developed medical intuitive and feel sensory impressions. I have assisted in finding missing persons and in murder cases, in solving robberies, and I help finding missing pets and lost items. I believe the words spoken through me come from a Universal Source of all that is good and pure. I pray for guidance, protection and clarity for all who seek personal enlightenment.

My work has been featured on radio and TV, in newspapers and books including Hannah Heidi Levi’s “Famous Wisconsin Mystics” and “Famous Wisconsin Ghosts and Ghost Hunters.” I hold a certificate of Award from the American Association for Parapsychology and I enhance my skills through seminars, conferences and professional networks.

I offer sessions in my home office, where clients enjoy a relaxed, welcoming and professional space. My kitties, Butter Cup and Sabar, will join your session if you desire and might offer you an amazing blessing. For those who cannot meet me in person phone sessions are effective. I also am available for home gatherings (individual half-hour sessions), special celebrations and corporate events.

Kathleen Schneider

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