Preparing for a Consultation

The intent of a consultation is for you to gain insight and guidance about specific situations in your life. The sessions are about possibilities and probabilities, not absolutes. Things are subject to change due to your free will.

Sessions are referred to as “life readings.” You may ask questions about anything, past, present or future. Sessions are strictly confidential and I respect all personal differences. Prepare by making a brief list of what you wish to discuss. This will help move the session along and make the best use of time.

I can do a past life reading (not regressions), however it is not part of a typical session. Please ask at the start of the session for this because it takes extra time to process.

My tool is psychometry. I like to hold an object belonging to my client and I pick up energy that comes from it. Bring objects or photos. This can be an item that you have worn or carried. Commonly held items are watches, rings, necklaces, cell-phones and glasses. The items must not have come from someone else’s environment. You can write or print the name of a person or pet, living or passed, if you want that person or pet to be a focus. Or bring:

● A brief list of questions

● An object belonging to that person or pet

● Photos of only that individual (laptop, pad or cell phone photos are ok)

● An original writing sample (do not copy)

● Clothing that has not been washed or dry cleaned since the last wearing.

In the absence of an item or photo, I can channel from the person’s name, approximate age or age at passing and approximate time of passing.

What to Expect in the Session

● The session is relaxed. Dress comfortably.

● Spring water is provided and you may bring your own beverage

● I do not go into a deep trance.

● I will set a timer at the start of the session.

● I may write brief notes as you speak and ask questions. They are destroyed before you leave the session.

● Recording devices are not allowed.

● You may take notes. Pen and paper are provided.

● You may use your cell phone to access photographs.

Buzz my apartment (312) no more than 5 minutes before your session start time. Check your messages just prior to departure for your appointment in the event I need to change or reschedule your appointment.

There is a client/guest waiting area in the Community Room on the main floor of my apartment building. Go left off the elevator, then up four steps. It is on the right side with hot beverages, TV, newspapers and restroom.


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