Once you arrive at LeSilve Apt. Homes and have made the turn into the parking area, drive

straight ahead as far as you can go.  You will be facing 8550.  The numbers are on the building

to the left of the doors.  It is difficult to see as white pillars obstruct the view.  Come and buzz

#312.  I will buzz you into the main area.  Go left down the hall to the elevator.  Go to the 3rd

floor.  Go down a long hallway.  Nearly to the end is #312.

Please see "Appointments/rates" page for acceptable forms of payment.

​​Preparing for Consultation:

Types of Consultations:  Telephone and In-Person.

When calling, please have the following available:

Type of consultation desired (telephone, in-person, group/party)

Desired length of time (session rates are listed on the "Appointments/rates" page.

Tape recordings, videos, etc. are NOT permitted during the session, however, you may take written notes.

See the "About Psychic Readings" page for more details.

Telephone consultations:

You will be asked to mail a handwritten note and/or picture.  Pictures will be returned.

Mail you items to the address below in ADVANCE of your telephone appointment.

At the scheduled time, you will call the telephone number listed below.

Please call PROMPTLY at your scheduled time.


Kathleen Schneider

"Le Silve" Apartment Homes

8550 Greenway Blvd.

Unit 312

Middleton, WI.  53562

(608) 235-7749