​​​​About Psychic Readings..

Below is a brief explanation of Kathleen's gifts and what to expect during a Psychic Reading session:

Kathleen's Gifts:

*Clairvoyance - Clear vision, seeing past, present, and possible future

*Clairaudience - Clear hearing

*Clairsentience - Clear sensing

What to expect at Your Reading:

The BASIC PURPOSE is to hopefully gain additional INSIGHT and GUIDANCE for yourself.  Sessions are NOT intended to make decisions for another person.  These sessions are about possibilities and probabilities - not absolutes.  Things are subject to change due to everyone's free will.

Sessions are referred to as "Life Readings."  You can talk and ask questions about anything.  A list is helpful, but not required.

I can touch on the past, present, and possible future.

I can do "Past Life Readings," not regressions.  It's not a usual part of a session.  Please ask early in the session for this, as it takes time to process.

I am a "Psychic Medium."  This is a medium of communication for those on the other side to those who are here.  As with anything, there's no guarantee.

I am an "Animal Psychic."  If you have a pet, living or passed over, that you're concerned about, you can ask questions.

I am considered a self-developed "Medical Intuitive."  These are sensory impressions only.  Contact your doctor if you have any concerns.

I have assisted in some missing person and murder cases, missing pets, lost items and robberies

About Psychometry:

My tool for focusing is "Psychometry," the act of holding an object and picking up energy that comes from it.  I will ask to hold a personal object.  That means an item only that you have owned, worn, or carried; but not clothing or pierced earrings.  Commonly held items are watches, rings, necklaces, cell-phones, and glasses.  If the item was a gift, touched or tried on, that's not a problem.  But any stones, minerals or metal must not have come from someone else's setting (i.e. from your grandmother's ring).  If you don't wear jewelry, you can write or print a person's name.  If you want to focus on someone else, either living or passed over - including pets, bring the following items if you have them:

*A list of questions, written in advance of you appointment, being mindful of the length of your session.

*Photos: Laptop and cell phone pictures can be used, but originals and "single shots" (e.g. the person alone) are preferred.  A group photo is acceptable.  The age of the photo   doesn't matter.  It can be photocopied from a computer as long as it is in color.  Old original black and white photographs are acceptable as well.

*Writing Samples:  Bring a sample of writing or printing - like a greeting card, letter, or anything that the person has set their hand to - drawing, scribbling, or artwork.  

*DO NOT photocopy writing!  Is is important that the writing on the front and back of the items is only that of one person, not a mix of people.

*Clothing may be brought to the session in relationship to someone who just passed or still living, as long as it has not

been washed or dry cleaned since the last wearing.

In the absence of a photograph or additional item, I can channel from the person's name alone.  In all cases, I will ask you for a name.  If living - a first name and  approximate age is fine.  If a person has passed over - I will ask for the full name at birth and/or at adoption if known.  Also, the approximate age at passing and the ​approximate time of their passing, if known.